LOTTA SPJUTE is a swedish designer based in the medieval old town in Stockholm "Gamla stan", she is an avid animal lover and has dedicated her work to celebrate the wonder and special place animals have in her heart. Lotta portrays her own animals she has had the privilege of knowing throughout her life, she also works with animal welfare aiming to highlight the worth and rights of the majestic members of the animal kingdom. Her art is personal and graphically minimalistic with a touch of humor. The products are carefully chosen working with handicraft where possible and always striving for good quality products made close to home. Production close to home is part of our mission and we produce in smaller quantites to avoid waste and retain a degree of exclusivity.

Lotta´s mission is not only a tribute, but is even a quest to make a difference in the lives of animals where human compassion is sadly inadequate. Her hope is to inspire others to continue the difficult but definitely worthwhile strife for animal rights.